From the recording When Winter Comes

One fall day I was walking the dog around six in the morning.  A wind blew through that was no longer an autumn breeze.  Autumn was over.


Chilly wind blows through the fields
Cuts me to the marrow
No way of turning back
No promise of tomorrow
When winter comes (2X)
Now the cold breath of the earth
Wraps around my heart
And everything I’ve left undone
Is too late to start
When winter comes (2X)
Chorus:              We bolt the door and spark the fire
                        The howling wind whirls by
                        When winter comes I call my love
                        And make the fire burn high
When winter comes (2X)
Bridge:               Bare trees stand black against the sky
                             The wind lets out a hollow sigh
                              In darkest night my love and I pull closer
Chorus:  Instrumental
A flake of snow upon my cheek
Lets me know winter’s here
Nothing will stand in its way
The change has come early this year
Now winter’s come (2X)
©2010 David Hawkins