From the recording Hello Mr. Death (A Love Song)

"Hello Mr. Death (A Love Song)" started, I suppose, with the way that the last line of the following e. e. cummings' poem has rung in my head since I first heard it:
'Buffalo Bill's/ defunct'
Buffalo Bill's
               who used to
               ride a watersmooth-silver
        and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
        he was a handsome man
                             and what i want to know is
        how do you like your blueeyed boy
        Mister Death 
Beyond the poem's influence was my desire to reframe death. I wanted to balance our fear of death with another view, a sort of yin to the yang of the great terror.


Hello Mr. Death, Hello Scary Face           
Hello Icy Breath, Hello Big Erase, I know
You could pluck me from this world any time
Is that Lady Death I see?  Hey, you sure look fine today
Did you just wink at me? I’d like to steal you away
And take you dancing through the night
Chorus:            Mr. Death brings everybody down, down, down
                        Every time he comes around
                        But the Lady she gives me wings to fly
Come on Lady D, let’s ditch old What’s-His-Name
You could help me see that I don’t really need the pain
Especially when he says it’s nearly my time to go
We’ll dance the Taj Mahal, strut the Vieux Carre
Jump Niagara Falls, stroll the Champs Elysee
Dance with the stars across the Milky Way
We’ll do the hoochie coo underneath the moon above
Swim the ocean blue—is there ever time enough?
Do you think, do you think this could be love?
©2010 David Hawkins